Beating Pregnancy Woes

Pregnancy is a blessing but it can take a toll on you with all the tiredness, hormonal changes and weight gain it brings with it. While all of it is a part of the package, you can make it gentle on you by following a few tips :

1. Morning Sickness mostly gets over in the first trimester but can continue till late in the pregnancy.

2. Avoid spicy food and walk in fresh air.

3. Cramps, aches and pains are the banes of pregnancy.

4. Keep your clothes and footwear as comfortable as possible.

5. When you lie down or sit, choose the most relaxing position.

6. Exercise regularly but avoid lifting heavy weights.

7. If cramps bother you, increase your water intake and do stretching exercises.

8. To relieve pain, a hot water bath could prove to be helpful.

9. Bodily changes can be a cause of concern for many women. Be it swelling, varicose veins, weight gain or stretch marks, each one needs to be dealt with not just for its physical manifestation but also because the emotional toll it may be taking.

10. Raise your feet when you lie down, if you feel swelling occurs in feet and ankles. They can be soothed by keeping your feet raised as well.

11. Eating healthy and nutritious food is helpful in weight management.

12. Slight spotting and discharge is also normal and nothing to worry about, but it is best to discuss with your doctor.

13. Stretch marks are also expected during pregnancy but you can ensure that your skin repairs itself by eating healthy foods.

14. Keeping the skin moisturized and drinking plenty of water is also a good solution.

15. Cravings and pica can be a strange experience for many pregnant women. Get your vitamin and mineral levels checked and talk to a doctor to better manage it.

16. Insomnia can also haunt you as the pregnancy progresses as the growing baby puts a lot of strain on your back and makes sleeping in many positions very difficult.

17. Set a routine for sleeping and make yourself comfortable with pillows to sleep better.